October 12, 2014

Oracle Exadata X3

Oracle Exadata X3 has been announced at Oracle Open World 2012 along with Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3 systems can store up to hundreds of terabytes of compressed user data in RAM & flash memory, eliminating the performance overhead of slower disk drives.

Oracle Exadata X3 provides -
  • 33 percent faster database CPU performance
  • 30 percent more memory
  • 33 percent more data throughput
  • 30 percent reduction in power and cooling requirements
  • 4 Times More Flash Memory
  • 20 times more capacity for database writes (by using Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache software). 
Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8
Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2
Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2

Source: Oracle Website

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  1. 33 percent faster database CPU performance, 33 percent more data throughput, are these based on older model of Exadata or is there a benchmark ?

  2. Yes, these stats are compared to older models (X2).