July 6, 2016

Exadata InfiniBand Related Tools

InfiniBand Related Tools

# ibstat

# ibstatus   --- To get the status of the Infiniband services

# iblinkinfo   --- To check the status of the Infiniband Link

/usr/sbin/iblinkinfo.pl -Rl

# ibswitches


# ibtracert <base lid of active interface> <sm lid>

ibdiagnet     --- Performs diagnostics upon the InfiniBand fabric and reports status.

ibnetdiscover    --- Discovers and displays the InfiniBand fabric topology and connections.
ibcheckerrors    --- Checks the entire InfiniBand fabric for errors.

ibqueryerrors.pl -rR -s LinkDowned,RcvSwRelayErrors,XmtDiscards,XmtWait

ibqueryerrors.pl -s RcvSwRelayErrors,RcvRemotePhysErrors,XmtDiscards,XmtConstraintErrors,RcvConstraintErrors, ExcBufOverrunErrors,VL15Dropped
   --- A single invocation of this command will report on all switch ports on all switches. Run this check from a database server or a switch.



# ibnetdiscover -p      --- To identify spine switches

# /opt/oracle.SupportTools/ibdiagtools/verify-topology   --- To get topology of the infiniband network inside Exadata

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